Possible Actors for the role of the 12th Doctor

Nothing will be announced until at least August. Nothing will be decided until July, but a number of names have been bandied about as possibles.

I’d like to say that I was one of the first to discover Paul McGann was going to be the 8th Doctor (thanks to Sylvester McCoy at a convention in the mid 90s and an obscure bulletin board) I also had my fingers working overtime to find an local newspaper article interviewing Matt Smith’s mum before the announcement of the 11th doctor, which had me putting him at the top of the list. I was actually so confident in that, the moment he was announced in the special confidential episode I already had a page ready to upload online in seconds.

However, this time around I’m stumped. (Laziness mostly. Not really that interested in searching the net this time around. I’ll leave it up to you!)

This time the ideal person is definitely Benedict Cumberbatch for age and connections but not for availability. He’ll be too old next time around so this is his last chance, really. Domhnall Gleeson would be a natural choice for the programmes’ back story (Merlin, anyone?) but would be wishful thinking. The issue is whether an actor would do it for the 300,000 salary. Actors of this caliber earn more than that so if they want to find an actor willing to settle for a 3 year contract at just 300,000 pounds per year, they really need someone who is a rising star but not earning much at the moment.

Some recent names:

AS in The Duel

Andrew Scott

ben whishawBen Whishaw

daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Kaluuya


Domhnall Gleeson

dominic cooper

Dominic Cooper

richard armitage

Richard Armitage

richard madden

Richard Madden


Richard Ayoade

rupert grint

Rupert Grint

And the most telling picture of all…

Arqiva British Academy Television Awards 2012

 Benedict Cumberbatch for 12th Doctor


What do you think?

Spoilers for the Doctor Who finale. The Name of the Doctor

Interesting lines, interesting situations, post library Riversong and more. This is likely to be the most amazing episode in the history of Doctor Who – or not.

Will the title of the show change from Doctor Who to Doctor Smith?

Many fans have debated the name of the Doctor through the ages. It was given to them, and now it will be given to you. Your place has been prepared.. oops sorry, don’t know why I was channeling Rassilon for a moment there. Unless…

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Doctor Who Pop-Up Shop to open in Newtown, Sydney on 9th May

Ever since I discovered Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney in the 80s I’ve wanted to start a Doctor Who store. When I went to London in the late 90s I discovered The Who Shop and, looking at what was sold, what their turn over was, doing the maths on it, I realised that it just wouldn’t be financially viable in Sydney. Just not enough Doctor Who fans here.

However, now that the new series has brought a new legion of fans and, more importantly, a new legion of female fans, will it mean hoards descending on the new shop in Newtown? Having run my own version of a pop up Doctor Who shop, taking tables of Doctor Who merchandise to hundreds of conventions, mini cons and the like over the past 20 years, even with a captive audience, the answer I believe is still a big no. I’ve had Doctor Who fans approach me with 50c and ask me if I have anything at that price!!! Also, why buy it from a shop that has to cover the cost of staff, gst and rent when you can buy it from purely online drop ship stores for half the price? I guess that’s why it’s a pop up shop. I wonder how long it’ll last.

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