Go Away Humans. BBCDoctorWho Instagram Keeps Unwanted Humans Off Set!

A LOL moment was had yesterday as the BBCDoctorWho instagram site posted its latest image.


“Go Away Humans”

Is it in the series or just for we fans gathering outside trying to get a peek?


TARDIS Green Screen. Tardis Space Exterior Scenes Expected in Series 9.


Well, the TARDIS doors are surrounded by green screen so I’m guessing Peter and Jenna are going to be hanging out the doors in space sometime in the series.


Thanks to bbcdoctorwho on Instagram


Peter Capaldi for Best Actor and Jenna Coleman for Best Actress. Vote in the TV Choice Awards.


Yes, it’s that time of year. Time to vote for your favourite actor, actress, producer, director, writer etc in the TV choice awards.

Peter Capaldi is in the best actor category (hint, hint) and Jenna Coleman is in the best actress category (hint hint hint)

If you’ve never heard about this magazine, the awesome thing is that they just count votes…from anywhere. So vote from overseas. Vote from your loungeroom in your country.

Almost every year I’ve participated in the TV Choice awards, even though I don’t live in the UK. And many of my friends have too. So no matter where you are in the world, get voting. And if you can’t seem to access the link, try going through a proxy server based in the UK. (Search online for how to set that up!)

So, did you ever wonder why Billie Piper won the award but Freema Agyeman didn’t? Well, Billie had music fans around the world while Freema was only known about in the UK at the time. (Okay, Freema did have some tough competition that year but still, international votes definitely help!) I’m hoping Sense8 will raise Freema’s profile a bit more. One day she’ll win it, I’m sure!

Anyway. Have fun!

Vote here


Drama and Delight: The Life of Verity Lambert

Radio Times interviewed Richard Marson today about his biography on Verity Lambert, the first producer of Doctor Who. Here’s an excerpt. Click on the link below to go to the original. Click on this link for more information about the book:


Drama and Delight: The Life of Verity Lambert

A glimpse inside the life of Doctor Who’s first producer Verity Lambert

 Richard Marson gives us a sneak preview of his book about “Hurricane Verity”, the BBC’s first female drama producer

By Patrick Mulkern

In a career spanning half a century, Verity Lambert produced some of the most popular and ground-breaking dramas on British television from Doctor Who to Minder to Jonathan Creek. Now Richard Marson, also a TV executive, has written the definitive book of her life…

What drew you to Verity as the subject for your biography?
I’ve always admired strong women in television. I worked for Esther Rantzen and Biddy Baxter, then became Biddy’s successor as editor of Blue Peter. Verity was the ultimate – she had an extraordinarily prolific, diverse career. I’d grown up watching her output (Doctor Who, Rock Follies, Edward & Mrs Simpson), though we met only once – in a BBC car park, where she launched into a tirade about her corporation bosses.

For the book, I spoke to 130 of her friends and colleagues. Melvyn Bragg speaks of her “combustible creativity”. Michael Palin, whom she cast in Channel 4’s GBH, says, “Someone would tell her that something couldn’t be done and she would get about a foot taller, her terrific eyes would blaze, she’d take a great drag on her cigarette and go into battle.”

Can you give a snapshot of Verity in her 1963 prime, launching Doctor Who?
She was the BBC’s first female drama producer and, at just 27, one of its youngest. “A bit of a freak” is how she put it herself. She was only too aware that many expected her to fail, believing she’d slept with her boss, Sydney Newman, to get the job. Both vehemently denied this. Newman, characteristically blunt, said he’d offered her the break because she was full of “p*** and vinegar” – just what the fledgeling Doctor Who needed. She had a sharp mind, and her volcanic temper inspired the nickname “Hurricane Verity”. Immaculately dressed, her hair styled by Vidal Sassoon, she chain-smoked her way through long working days and partied by night, propelled by her formidable energy and ambition.

Those days were captured in the BBC2 biopic An Adventure in Space and Time (2013) but in the book, her friends say they didn’t recognise the Verity they’d known.
“I think she would have wept with laughter,” is the verdict of fellow TV executive Linda Agran, while eminent director Moira Armstrong says, “Jessica Raine didn’t have the star quality necessary. Verity wasn’t beautiful but she was striking, unlike pretty-pretty Jessica Raine.”

Click here go to the original article on the Radio Times site


New Doctor Who Series Episode Guide Pics Added


More pics have been added to our New Doctor Who Series Episode Guide page.

Click on the link to check them out! (Many thanks to bbcdoctorwho on Instagram)


New 12th Doctor Novel by Gary Russell set in Sydney, Australia. Big Bang Generation.


Doctor Who Big Bang Generation

I’m definitely looking forward to this title being released. Gary is one of my favourite authors and as one of the people responsible for Big Finish, he has an excellent grasp of not only Doctor Who history, but history within all the Doctor Who related spinoffs. I met Gary in Sydney awhile ago and he was an awesome guest to our event. As he is a regular attendee to fan events in Australia, I’m sure he’ll describe Sydney well in this title. With pyramids popping up everywhere lately it’d be nice to finally have one in Australia!

(I thought it was also appropriate to mention this now, especially with the Doctor Who Festival coming to Sydney. It’s Aussie Doctor Who mania!

Here’s the blurb for Big Bang Generation:

“I’m an archaeologist, but probably not the one you were expecting.”

Christmas 2015, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when a time portal opens up in Sydney Cove. Imagine their shock as a massive pyramid now sits beside the Harbour Bridge, inconveniently blocking Port Jackson and glowing with energy. Imagine their fear as Cyrrus “the mobster” Globb, Professor Horace Jaanson and an alien assassin called Kik arrive to claim the glowing pyramid. Finally imagine everyone’s dismay when they are followed by a bunch of con artists out to spring their greatest grift yet.

This gang consists of Legs (the sexy comedian), Dog Boy (providing protection and firepower), Shortie (handling logistics), Da Trowel (in charge of excavation and history) and their leader, Doc (busy making sure the universe isn’t destroyed in an explosion that makes the Big Bang look like a damp squib).

And when someone accidentally reawakens The Ancients of the Universe – which, Doc reckons, wasn’t the wisest or best-judged of actions – things get a whole lot more complicated…

Click on the image to pre-order from Amazon.uk


Doctor Who Festival Australia Promo Video

And here it is!


Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat are travelling to Australia for a Doctor Who Festival!


Being unveiled as Doctor Who in Sydney at last year’s world tour, and meeting the fantastic Australian fans was such a cosmic, life changing experience that I’m thrilled to be coming back for a full weekend of Time Lord mania,” Capaldi said.


Daily Mail, in association with the Australian Associated Press reported this afternoon that Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, other guest cast (to be announced), and a host of props will be flying to Australia for a Doctor Who festival in November, celebrating the iconic show (broadcast on the ABC in Australia). Tickets start from AU$200 per person. No word yet whether Jenna will be able to join the tour.


Here is the article, with a link to the original post below.

Australian Doctor Who festival announced

There’ll be at least one doctor in the house at Australia’s first official Doctor Who Festival to be held in Sydney later this year.

General admission to The Doctor Who Festival at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion on November 21-22, announced by BBC World on Friday, will set you back about $200 ($195 plus a processing and transaction fee).

The cheapest form of entry gets you a one day pass, access to three separate theatre shows to see the cast and writers, a festival lanyard and a show planner.

The twelfth and current doctor, Peter Capaldi, and lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat will be attending and more cast members will be announced.

The BBC First Worldwide festival is pricey when compared to the Supanova pop convention which was staged in Sydney last weekend and will visit Perth this weekend.

To get you through the door at Supanova will set you back $40 and the cast members include Harry Potter stars Jason Isaacs and Bonnie Wright, Elizabeth Henstridge (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Willa Holland (Arrow) and Kristin Bauer (Once Upon a Time, True Blood).

The Doctor Who Festival will celebrate the heritage and magic of the show with exclusive access to props, costumes and to meet the makers and the cast of the hit sci-fi TV series.

There’s also limited photo and autograph opportunities, an interactive workshop the show’s creative team and what it takes to be a Doctor Who monster.

Organisers believe fans will pay to attend this “very special premium event”.

“We have done everything we can to ensure that the ticket price is as reasonable as possible. It’s the only official Doctor Who event in Australia where fans will hear exclusively from the star of the show Peter Capaldi, executive producer and writer Steven Moffat plus other cast members,” BBC World told AAP via a statement on Friday.

Capaldi will also attend the festival at Auckland, New Zealand on November 24.

“Being unveiled as Doctor Who in Sydney at last year’s world tour, and meeting the fantastic Australian fans was such a cosmic, life changing experience that I’m thrilled to be coming back for a full weekend of Time Lord mania,” Capaldi said.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/aap/article-3139838/Australian-Doctor-Who-festival-announced.html#ixzz3e8q7P9Nb


Doctor Who. The Minions. A Doctor-Light Episode by BBC Radio 1 featuring Greg James. Mind My Minions Video.


Well, this was fun!


Quick summary. The only star from Doctor Who is the TARDIS, and it features 3 of the consoles (well, apart from some display Daleks cameos. How many can you spot?).


Filming was done at various places including the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff and the Coronation Street set.



Video Below. Thanks BBC Radio 1!


New Trailer for Series Season 9 From BBC America Starring the TARDIS!


Yes, BBC America have started promoting the next series of Doctor Who early. The Doctor Who Teaser Trailer for Peter Capaldi’s next series, season 9, is below, which means a trailer with images must be just around the corner! OMG I can’t wait!